Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music for Girls

Since my last post was about rage (against the system), I thought it would be fitting to do a quick one on Valentine's Day before I leave for work.

Naturally, I have major plans for tonight: finishing up an article on healthcare economics, researching corporate tax incentives in Singapore for an interview tomorrow and spending the evening trying vainly to keep my poor exhausted 16-year-olds awake long enough to finish their comprehension exercises. (To this aim, I have purchased a bag of peanut butter chocolate hearts.)

All the Valentine's candy going on sale in the supermarket reminds me of how as a kid staying with my grandma in Aljunied, we'd go for walks in the afternoon and I'd stop in front of the old provision store and beg her to buy me heart-shaped boiled sweets that came in flavours like strawberry and melon. (I think they were called HartBeat Love Candy, complete with neon-styled logo.) I spent most of the late 80s' with sticky pink or green fingers and mouth.

Anyway, the kitschy appeal of this track has always reminded me of those long-ago sweets, and dreamy afternoons spent at the playground, or wandering down those endless HDB corridors, watching sunlight filter through the neighbour's lush, thorny forest of potted plants. (Ignore the video visuals though - ironic hipster stuff.)

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