Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sunset for Sybarites

An evening storm brewing on Bang Niang beach in Khao Lak province, Thailand. One of the worst-hit districts during the 2004 tsunami, but you wouldn't know it today. Fell asleep every night to the crashing waves and woke up to the light patter of raindrops on the villa's pool. The Casa de La Flora was all white walls, natural wood, open spaces and clean lines - a Modernist vision set against the wild Andaman Sea and sky. Horrifically expensive, except now in the off-season. But worth it.


blauereiter said...

Beautiful ! :]

Looks like an amazing place to visit.

May-Lynn said...

I carefully cropped out the stray dogs, muddy dirt paths and tourist T-shirt sellers, haha.

Geraldine Ang said...

Sounds like a bit of heaven, falling asleep to the actual sound of the ocean! I have to settle for ocean waves on CD. Bang Niang beach looks picture perfect!